Sunday, August 7, 2011

tool #10

1. Three of the things kids need to know/understand about digital citizenship are the school district has specific guidelines that all teachers and students must follow, manners and respect are non-negotiable and carry over to online activity, and students also need to learn how to research effectively when using the internet. Students have to be taught not to go with the first article the search engine gives them.

2. I think I would use the BrainPop video about digital citizenship to introduce the idea to students. I would also like to learn more about the iSafe program.

3. I think the easiest way to introduce and explain digital citizenship would be to relate it to being a good citizen in our daily lives. Citizenship is usually covered by each elementary grade level in some way.

4. To introduce the idea to parents I would tell them about the district policies/expectations and consequences for misuse, explain how I taught the students about the concept, give them a copy of the nine elements of digital citizenship, and give them any additional information as needed.

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