Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tool #2

Ok, I'm not new to technology or to using the internet or to using computers.  But, I'm finding all this blogging and networking a little overwhelming.  I follow a few blogs, but rarely comment on posts unless I see something especially interesting.  There is so much information out there to filter through in order to find the good stuff.  Hopefully, over the summer, I'll be able to get a better handle on all of this so I'll be able to use it with my students.

I forgot to post this website I found.  It has so much information and so many ideas!


  1. You are SO correct! There is a lot of information out there - but some of it is soooo worthwhile! I suggest you take the time to find about 3 blogs/wikis that you find helpful for your grade level or content, follow those and visit those as you have time!

    PS. You might also want to take a look at

  2. I am very new to Blogging and feel overwhelmed myself. I think I am making this harder than what it is.

  3. Wow, I just love the website
    that you provided. It offers a mosaic of great stuff!